"Free your spirit, still your mind, open your heart and hear the music inside of you..."

We offer weekly classes teaching ~The Movement of Life~TM, as well as special seminars and workshops in such areas as meditation, acupressure, personal protection and athlete training.


What is ~The Movement of Life~?

It is a health and wellness program blending the healing qualities of Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Meditation, Shaolin Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


What is Tai Chi?

Tai chi chuan (traditional Chinese: 太極拳; simplified Chinese: 太极拳; pinyin: tàijíquán; Wade-Giles: t'ai chi ch'üan) is an internal or relaxed style Chinese martial art often practiced for health reasons, particularly longevity. Tai Chi Chuan is translated as Great Ultimate Fist.

Please read the article “The Movement of Life” by Edward Niam, which was published in INSIDE KUNG FU MAGAZINE. It describes in detail the benefits of the regular practice of Tai Chi.


What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong literally translates as “working your Chi/vital energy”. Qi Gong exercises will increase and strengthen the quality of your internal energy. ~The Movement of Life~ comprises a wide variety of Qi Gong trainings suitable for people of all ages that will benefit every aspect of your health.


What is meditation?

Mindfullness Meditation involves hundreds of techniques to calm the mind, relax the body, gain control and increase the Chi/vital energy and bring one in touch with the natural rhythms with ourselves and the universe.


What is Shaolin Kung Fu?

Over 1500 years ago in China a comprehensive martial arts program was created by the Shaolin monks. It not only comprised martial training but also a broad spectrum of exercises, meditations and medical techniques to improve ones mental, physical and spiritual health.


What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

That is a generic term that denotes all of the healing modalities of China. Some like acupuncture date back more than 3000 years. Certain aspects of TCM are incorporated into the classes to help people gain control of and improve their health.


What format is the ~The Movement of Life~ provided?

One hour group classes are currently offered in Chagrin Falls, Northfield and Stow Ohio. They are set up in 8 week sessions that run continuously all year.  Check the calendar for dates and times.


How would you describe a typical class?

Every class begins with a warm up which includes exercises to build strength, endurance and flexibility.  When new students have become familiar with the warm up they are slowly introduced to the fundamentals of the Tai Chi form which is itself a complete exercise program.


I’ve never done anything like this before. Will I be able to keep up with the pace of the class?

The training is unique so everyone begins at the same point. You will learn everything step-by-step, from the beginning, and your progress will be determined by the amount of time and effort you put forth.


What is the Payment and Attendance policy?

Payment for an 8-week session is required prior to or no later than your first class and is your commitment to the 8-week program. Your payment for an 8-week session allows you to  attend any or all of the 3 weekly group classes offered at 3 locations. You are encouraged to attend as many that fit your schedule. If you miss a class or if your class falls on a holiday, you have the option of making it up in any of the weekly classes offered to the general public. Your payment is a commitment to the 8-week session, private classes, life/wellness coaching... Once payment has been made for group, private or corporate classes there are no credits or refunds given for any reason. If you decide to continue your training past the 8 weeks, your next payment is due on the last class of your current session. 


I’m not sure this is right for me. Can I try a class to see if it fits my lifestyle?

You are welcome to try our training for a single class fee of $20.00. If you decide to register for a full  session that same day, the $20.00 will be applied to the cost of the 8 weeks.


How do I register and pay for class?

You can conveniently register and pay for any class or seminar on our website.  Check the calendar to register for a class or contact us via email or by phone.


Do I need special equipment or facilities?

No equipment is required and you can practice what you learn in class in the comfort of your home.


What do I wear to class?

All you need to wear to perform the training is comfortable clothing and some type of athletic shoes.


My balance is bad and I’m not very coordinated. Will I benefit from the classes?

Regardless of your current physical condition, you will benefit greatly from the training. You will increase your strength, flexibility, balance and you will develop a mind-body connection which will improve every aspect of your life.


I have physical limitations because of an injury and am confined to a wheel chair. Can I attend classes and will I benefit from the training?

Yes, physical restrictions will not prevent you from performing most aspects of the training.


Group classes are not convenient for me. Do you offer something tailored specifically to my personal needs?

Yes, private classes are an excellent option for those looking for greater flexibility and more personalized attention. Please contact us for details. Please call for details, pricing and scheduling options. There are numerous benefits to private training:

- You set the frequency and schedule of your classes

- Classes can be held at your home/office or our location

- Personalized attention

- Learn at an accelerated rate

- Focus on strengthening the areas with the most need


What if I don’t live close enough to attend a class?

Training DVD’s are currently in production and will soon be offered to the general public.


I have conditions that might benefit from alternative therapies such as Acupuncture. How can I find out what options are available to me?

We offer personal consults to determine your current condition and what training and alternative therapies would be best for you. Please contact us for details.


I need help with physical conditions that may require hands on work. What do you offer?

The Institute can provide assistance through several alternative therapies such as Acupuncture, acupressure and lifestyle modifications. Please contact us for details.


My company would like to have classes for our staff. Do you offer this service?

We provide a wide array of corporate training services that can be conducted at your facility. Please contact us for details.


What types of training do you provide besides your regular 8 week sessions?

We offer special seminars and workshops across the U.S.A. in such areas as meditation, acupressure, personal protection, athlete training…We also provide Life and Wellness Coaching to Individual, Group and Corporate clients. Check the calendar for seminars and workshops. Everyone registered as a member of our Google Group will be informed of all new class offerings.


What if I have questions regarding any issue not covered in your Q & A?

Simply contact us via email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.