Life-Wellness Coaching, Private Training

"Free your spirit, still your mind, open your heart and hear the music inside of you..."

Bring Balance Back in Your Life   

Allow us to be your primary source for all of your physical, mental and emotional needs. We will evaluate your current condition and structure a comprehensive program that is tailored to fit your individual lifestyle. You will learn to be fit, healthy and happy.

  • Fitness - We will design an exercise system that will quickly improve your physical condition and will be a program that you enjoy and look forward to every day. We will also help you keep motivated and counsel you to be enthusiastic and stay excited.
  • Nutrition - Your current eating habits will be reviewed and a healthy nutrition lifestyle plan will be introduced that accounts for your personal taste, time constraints and budget.
  • Happiness - Learn how to stimulate and energize your positive emotions and gain control of and minimize the negative. Every life situation brings both positive and negative and you will learn to always discover the best of what every moment of existence offers. We will help you focus and refine your life mission.
We provide Life-Wellness Coaching to Individual, Group and Corporate clients in the greater Cleveland and Akron, Ohio areas as well as across the U.S.A.

Contact us to schedule the first meeting and the beginning of a new life, a new you.

**Fee Structure:  Sold in packages of 4 one hour sessions at $125.00 per hour payable in advance.


Private Training

An alternative when your schedule does not permit you to attend a regular class and there are numerous benefits to Private Training:

  •          You set the frequency and schedule of your classes
  •          Classes can be held at your home/office or our location
  •           Personalized attention
  •           Learn at an accelerated rate
  •           Focus on strengthening the areas with the most need

**Fee Structure: Sold in packages of 4, 7 and 12 one hour classes payable in advance.

Please contact us for more details and scheduling options.

Private Training


Private Training

Private Training

Private Training

Life and Wellness Coaching