Anvia Sheldon

posted Nov 5, 2014, 11:31 AM by Reverend Edward Niam, DD,
Tai Chi Institute USA is pleased to present our November 2014 ~Student of the Month~ Anvia Sheldon.

Anvia is an excellent practitioner who has been studying since August 2013. She teaches yoga at Namaste Yoga Studio and is currently training for her 500 hour certification. Anvia also assists in teaching the Saturday afternoon Tai Chi class at Namaste Yoga Studio.

A year ago, Anvia lost her brother to cancer. This took a toll on her father, Gary and his health began to fail. Parkinson symptoms that were minor before were now much more pronounced. Determined to try to help her father, Anvia turned to Tai Chi. Research shows that Tai Chi greatly reduced Parkinson symptoms and brings relief to tense muscles. Once Anvia started practicing Tai Chi she quickly realized how much it enhanced her yoga teaching and practice and enjoys incorporating Tai Chi components into her practice.  Anvia has this to say about her experience:

I was going to write that Tai Chi has made me better, faster, stronger, smarter and better looking - haha. What I can say is Tai Chi helps my knees hurt less, it has improved my yoga practice and it's an exercise I can do with my dad who suffers from Parkinson's. We laugh and have fun simply doing our best for that moment.  When I attend class twice a week I am better - mentally and physically and continually surprise myself at how much better my Tai Chi form improves each week. Maybe that is being better, faster, stronger, smarter and better looking. Thanks Sifu Ed for bringing this practice to so many."

Anvia Sheldon