Kristine Lewandowska

posted Jul 10, 2014, 3:03 PM by Reverend Edward Niam, DD,
Tai Chi Institute USA is pleased to announce our July 2014 Student of the Month, Kristine Lewandowska

Kristine is a long time student of the Institute, an excellent practitioner and regularly assists in teaching classes at Hillcrest Academy.

Kristine is retired from scientific research in cell biology. She has become interested in martial arts in the late 80s, when she joined Tea Kwon Do classes along with her daughter. She took part in Tea Kwon Do competitions and much to her surprise found out the power of her fist in couple of those. She believes that martial arts are extremely valuable for overall development of young people in preparation for complex life challenges.


In September 2010 Kristine started Tai Chi with Sifu Edward Niam along with her husband looking for exercise promoting physical health and became hooked right away. She found Tai Chi quite different from Tea Kwon Do and needed a few adjustments to slow down the punches. Tai Chi exercises are quite challenging physically and mentally, because they are different from everyday moves and come in a sequence that needs to be remembered. Seemingly easy slow motion movements in Tai Chi build muscles, balance and endurance. Ed makes it all interesting by introducing Kung Fu and other martial arts exercises. They are beneficial to people of all ages and all physical abilities.