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    This product will be the first that I have ever endorsed. About mid-April of 2013 I developed a foot disorder which now can be termed as a neuropathy. At the time my right foot would swell daily, with redness, pain at a rating of 10 or above daily and it could not bear weight. I quite literally could not walk. Doctors had no clue as to the cause or what to do about it. Finally, I had surgery of which involved shortening of the second metatarsal. After about 3 months (post-surgery) the swelling had subsided, and after a year passed still no answers as to the problem or cause and I began to use a “Rascal” to get around at work, no long distance walking and driving was virtually at an end.

                In October of 2014 I went back to my regular physician, I began taking medications for the possible nerve damage that was due to the delay in surgery. Also, after some research into my problem, its possible causes and symptoms that I have experienced, I began to wear orthotics and I also began to lose weight, and as of today I have lost 30 pounds.

                These changes that I had made and am making, I felt that there was more I could do. Self-defense was always something that I wanted to learn. As I began to research the different forms, Tai Chi was always a form that I have seen practiced in parks and in some movies. This research and my problem just came together. I started going to Tai Chi Institute USA and I have not regretted doing it. My overall balance has greatly improved. My leg strength is better, my thought processes are better as my performance at work is better. But more importantly my foot pain has decreased, the foot is much stronger, of which has translated to a much better balance in my body. Going to the institute and training with Sifu Edward Niam has been one of the best self-improvement things I have ever done. I would recommend trying Tai Chi as an alternate way of improved health and well-being.


    ~Kenneth Spencer  July 1, 2015

  • Mark Cash   July 3, 2014
             Back in 2003 I  was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.  The initial prognosis was grim, with radiation & chemotherapy the hope was maybe I'd live one year.  Here I am eleven years later               after radiation, surgery and chemotherapy with the help of the Good Lord and and a never give up attitude.  I am left with numbness & tingling in my left leg & right foot.  I went back to lifting             weights as soon as I was able which helped me build up muscle mass I lost during my battle with cancer.  I started Tai Chi in early March 2014 and have definitely noticed an increase in                    flexibility   and strength in my legs.  I feel less stressed and would recommend Tai Chi  to anyone.  The instructor, Sifu Ed Niam has an incredible amount of patience and is a very skilled teacher

  • James Leonello   April 25, 2014

I just wanted to share my story about how tai chi is helping me to overcome the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis (OA)…

For five years I had been taking a daily dose of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) for the symptoms associated with arthritis, joint pain and stiffness. Although the NSAID did alleviate the symptoms, they did not improve the condition. In fact, during the period of time I was taking them, I had been steadily losing the range of motion in my hip until even a two foot high garden fence in my yard became a nearly insurmountable obstacle. The pain in my joints had increased to the point where I was only able to take my dog on very short walks before having to stop. A simple thing like getting in and out of the car was becoming a challenge. The turning point for me was when my doctor recommended total hip replacement surgery. I decided that I needed to try something other than the standard treatments.

Sometime near the end of winter I stumbled across the Tai Chi Institute-USA website. They were offering evening classes in my area and the instructor, Sifu Edward Niam has outstanding credentials, so I decided to give it a try. That first class was an eye opening experience for me. We started with leg and core muscle strengthening exercises. It made me realize just how weak my leg muscles had become. I was a little wobbly the next day, but I kept at it. Walking through the tai chi form I immediately realized why so many professionals are recommending it for people who suffer from OA. I can only describe it as feeling like I was oiling a rusty door hinge, so to speak.

In the short period of time that I have been practicing the tai chi exercises I have noticed a considerable improvement in my hip flexibility. I have stopped taking the prescription NSAID and am instead focusing on tai chi as a means to alleviate the symptoms of OA. In fact, I feel better now than I did while taking the NSAID. That garden fence is no longer insurmountable to me, and I am taking my dog on longer walks again. As for the hip replacement surgery, well, that will just have to wait for another day.

J Leonello

  • Paula S. Davis, CASS     17 August 2009 12:25 |
    Dear Ed,

    On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire membership of the Employee Involvement Association Michigan Chapter, we extend our thanks to you for the wonderful workshop you facilitated at our annual Regional Conference, Using Tai Chi as a Motivational Tool, held at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

    The workshop was upbeat, and you delivered a first class, motivating presentation on how we can relieve the stresses associated with our daily responsibilities, work with our team members and deliver the kind of service our customers deserve and demand. For your information, the surveys returned by the attendees rated your session very positive.

    Every organization should consider having you come in and present your relaxing technique, especially if they want to motivate their employees to give their best performance.


    Paula S. Davis, CASS
    President, EIA Michigan Chapter

  • Bernadette LaGuardia     25 May 2009 21:08 |
    I tend to take “testimonials” lightly and I would never have dreamed of writing one myself. However, after feeling my life turn around in four months of studying “The Movement of Life”, I have to share my experience with you. My hope is that someone reading this will have the courage to begin this program and experience the renewal of life I’ve felt. I’m a woman in her late 60’s with a medical diagnosis of severe, deteriorating inflammatory osteoarthritis. (A Western medical diagnosis can make you feel bad just in reading it!) If you have this condition or something similar, you’ll understand why I’m writing this.
    As I found myself being able to do less and less, I contacted a Physical Therapist who I had worked with in the past three years. Because I had so many arthritic joints, I had to be cautious about choosing an exercise program. Together we reviewed what I could do and what I probably shouldn’t do. We came up with Tai Chi; she recommended Ed Niam’s program specifically because she had seen the results of his work with a number of seniors in assisted living as well as in a nursing home environment. (I’m not there yet!)
    I began Ed’s creative program of Tai Chi using Qui Gong as warm-up exercises four months ago and found immediately that I could attempt each move without experiencing pain. I won’t say I presented a pretty picture as I learned the moves---nor do I now! However, I felt so much relief in my entire body that, in addition to some regular home practice, I began doing individual movements when I was in pain and always found relief. I’m happy to say, I’m taking less pain medication now; the anti-inflammatory will probably continue to be necessary but I’d love to learn differently! What I’ve experienced is a rapid increase in flexibility, a confidence that continued improvement is possible, and, best of all, a growing optimism that I don’t have to be so totally limited by arthritis. I’ve moved from despair to great hope!
    If you have any form of arthritis or are just becoming less flexible as you age, I encourage you to try these classes. You owe it to yourself to give your body a chance to be and to do all that it possibly can – no matter what your age. I’d love to meet you in class and hear you say you came because of this writing; my greater joy would come from knowing you had had the courage to take the first step to begin “The Movement of Life” program.
    Shaker Heights, Ohio

  • joanne klein     19 March 2009 11:56
    Just other people's words? Yeah. But they have more substance than the stiff sterility, flowery phoniness and just plain stupidity that occupies most of cyberspace. Thanks for offering "Thoughts for the Day".

  • Cathleen Carr     03 February 2009 16:02
    Ed was kind enough to help me when I was dreadfully ill several years ago. His gentle treatments were not only effective in healing my immediate concerns but were so deeply and profound in their reach that I actually felt better than I had in many years after his treatments. I highly recommend him and his tried and true methods.

  • Dan Gross, age 25     03 February 2009 10:58
    In 2004, I became very ill with stomach problems. I had lost close to 30 lbs. in a matter of only weeks, was having extreme pain, and could not control my bowels; I was going at least 20 times a day. I went to the hospital many times for the first six months, and had no luck being diagnosed. I was on a variety of medications, and constantly was changing trying to find the right mix that would help me. I was seeing a GI specialist every month, and was still not feeling any better. I was finally diagnosed one year into it with an extreme case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    My quality of life went downhill as fast as it possibly could. At the time I became sick, I was an outgoing college senior having the time of my life, but that quickly changed due to this illness. I would not leave my bed because of the pain, and had constant fear of going out, not sure if I would be able to make it to a restroom in time. I was doing everything I was told to do by the doctors, specialists, literature and books. I changed my diet completely, was exercising properly and continued on the medications and treatments prescribed by the doctors. However, I was still not improving with all of this. I was still having attacks that were debilitating, even made me lose consciousness, I still couldn't get control of my bowels, and had the fear of doing anything that was not near a restroom. I went into the hospital at the Cleveland Clinic from an attack just after two and a half years of having these problems. I was then diagnosed with having Colitis. The doctors gave me a more aggressive treatment through medications. I was taking approximately 30 pills a day and also was giving myself three injections a day. Also, I would have to go to the doctor's office every month to get separate injections. I was finally starting to feel better, and even tried doing things I use to do. However, I plateaued with the treatments and was not feeling any better.

    Just over three years of dealing with this, I knew I needed to get control of the condition. All the conventional medicines and treatments that I tried were not helping. If I did feel better, it was a temporary bandaid that was not curing the illness. Luckily, I was given Ed Niams name through a person who had used him before, with the same symptoms as I was experiencing. He had nothing but positive things to say about the acupuncture treatments he received and highly recommended that I try it. I was skeptical at first after hearing about how this treatment worked, but at this point, I was willing to try anything that may help me. I had my initial consultation with Ed and was very impressed with his professionalism, all the experience and training he has had in the past, and more-so the knowledge he demonstrated to me about my illness. I decided to go ahead with my first session of acupuncture treatments and noticed a change almost immediately. I was having less pain in my stomach and was going to the bathroom less frequently. Each week, I felt I was making more progress. Along with the acupuncture treatments, Ed also shared with me some Qi Gong exercises that are to be done daily, advice on my diet, and also showed me a variety of acupressure points I can perform on myself for relief. The exercises compliment the treatments, and I feel are part of the success I have experienced with the overall treatment. I continued onto a second session of treatments and noticed I was feeling better still. I stopped giving myself the injections and taking certain medications since starting the acupuncture. For the first time in over three and a half years I feel confident about going out and living life, and doing it with less pain. The changes that I have experienced since the acupuncture treatments have changed my life completely. I will always have symptoms and flare-ups due to the Colitis for as long as I live, but since having these treatments, I will able to manage these attacks and experience them less often. I highly recommend Ed Niam to anyone who is considering acupuncture.

  • Jan Lewandowski, PhD   23 January 2012
        About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and unfortunately my condition progressed quickly. The only solution offered to me by modern medicine were             pain relief medication and the possibility of knee replacement surgery in the future. The pain progressed over time to the point that walking down the stairs was a serious             problem, and additionally I developed severe back pain probably related to my walking problems. It was at this time that I decided to try an alternative therapy for my             ever-worsening condition. I received two series of acupuncture treatments from Mr. Edward Niam, and I followed these with Tai Chi classes conducted by Mr. Niam,             which I still continue. I am very happy to state that following the acupuncture treatments my knee pain was significantly reduced to the point that normal walking is virtually          painless. Even after six months, I am able to walk up and down stairs without difficulties.

  • Mark Fiala, 19 September 2012

I have been attending Ed's tai chi classes for almost two years.  It has really helped with my balance and coordination, provides a couple hours' each week of 'piece of mind', and most importantly, helped eliminate painful lower back spasms.  I wasn't being diligent about keeping my core strong and flexible...tai chi definitely helps and I can keep doing it for the rest of my life.  I highly recommend Ed and his approach...no pressure and you work at your own pace.


Mark Fiala

Organizational Architecture, Inc.

Organizational Design & Human Resources Consulting

p:             330.554.7144      



I have been taking classes in Tai Chi from Ed Niam for almost 2 years and find the experience to be very beneficial to me both physically and mentally.Being a senior citizen, I need to keep my body flexible and as strong as possible in order to decrease the effects of any arthritis and old age stiffness. Tai Chi has given me the increased strength and balance that I wanted to achieve. I work in class and at home going through the warm ups and the moves to improve my technique. In doing so, I keep my mind active and "connected" to the exercises.

Our class has maintained its size and energy thanks to Ed's instructions and encouragement. I can recommend Ed and The Tai Chi Institute USA to people of all ages.

Bill Mason

  • February 6, 2013 
  • My name is Silvia Kenneweg and I have been taking Tai Chi since February of 2011. I also have MS as well as rotator cuff, arthritis, and a bone spur in my left shoulder.  Because I am in a wheelchair I do the class seated, concentrating only on arm exercises.  I follow the form section of the class during it but do not do it at home. I practice the Tai Chi warm up exercises (about 26 of them) at home daily. During the night when my shoulder hurts due to hours of inactivity I do a simple exercise in bed (Paddle the Boat) and the pain disappears immediately, as if I had had a shot of anesthesia. The fact that I follow this routine daily has prevented that I continue having Cortisone shots in my shoulder. In general Tai Chi strengthens my torso and helps that way with my MS. I strongly recommend it. 

Melody Oakes - 2/20/2014

  • I rarely use my old email address, but still enjoy 'thoughts for the day' when I log in.

    Just wanted to thank you today for the techniques you taught me in class a few years ago.

    Some lessons get applied much later in life than when they were learned….   Thought you'd like to hear testimony about how Tai Chi has had an impact on my health today, even though I no longer practice it.

    I'm recovering from a broken ankle, and discovered that everything I learned in Tai Chi classes is really helping me now.   I can easily isolate my various muscle groups in order to coordinate one-legged locomotion, and I've used my sense of balance to help me feel my way through hundreds of difficult/awkward transfers -- from chairs to floor to bathtub to cars, etc.

    Not sure how to express it -- but here goes….  There's a certain lack of self-consciousness -- and natural acceptance of human body mechanics -- that I developed through Tai Chi.   I haven't felt particularly embarrassed or limited by my obvious disability.   I've managed to still tackle a lot of new professional work -- attending executive meetings and presenting to my CEO -- while using a walker!

    I don't know, I just really didn't feel crippled by this experience.  That is partly my maturity, but a lot of my confidence also comes from trusting the natural body like I learned to through practicing Tai Chi.

    So… Yay! for a lasting benefit from having learned the art form, and I just had to say thank you again.   What an unexpected help!

    Melody Oakes
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