Instructor Certification

"Free your spirit, still your mind, open your heart and hear the music inside of you..."

Become a Certified Instructor qualified to teach The Movement of Life/Tai Chi. Please contact us for further details.

Level 1 - 150 hours

  After completing Level 1 you will be certified to teach the entire warm-up, floor exercises and Section 1 of the Yang Style Long Form.

Level 2 - 75 hours

  Level 2 will certify you to teach Section 2 of the Yang Style Long Form as well as moving and stationary meditation.

Level 3 - 75 hours

  Level 3 will certify you to teach Section 3 of the Form and the application of the movements.

Required hours include group and private instruction as well as actual teaching assignments.

**Payment in full is required prior to the beginning of each level.

Instructor Certification

Instructor Certification

Instructor Certification